What AlwaysOnPC Can Do For You


  • Ever notice how long it takes to get out your laptop, open it, start it up, find an available network to connect to and then look up the file you want to update, open it and the application that runs it, and finally ... get to work.
  • With AlwaysOnPC you can instantly access your key applications and files in a few seconds right on your iPhone, or any available PC.
    • Tap the AlwaysOnPC icon to open the Home screen and tap Connect.
    • Your online PC's desktop loads in a matter of seconds so you can select an application and get to work.
    • Or have fun with desktop class Firefox web surfing, Flash, games and lots more - all built in and ready to run!

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Quick Start Guide

Here is what you need to know to quickly set up, connect and start using AlwaysOnPC.