How To Launch Applications - from your iPhone

You can launch any application by selecting it from the sub-menus as your cursor hovers over any category in the main Applications menu. If you have an application launcher icon on your desktop you can select it by moving the cursor over the icon and tapping once, or open it by moving the cursor over the icon and tapping twice.

Application menu procedure

Move your cursor over the Applications button on the lower Menu Bar. The Applications menu will open automatically when your cursor hovers over it. You can select from any of the main Application categories by moving your cursor through the active menu list and letting it rest on the category for which you wish to view sub-menu selections. Then position your cursor over the application and tap once to launch.

Launch icon procedure

If you have a Launcher icon on your desktop for a particular application (which you can create for any resident application at any time by activating the right click menu) position your cursor over the icon to select and then double tap to open and launch the application.