Accessory Apps and System Tools

AlwaysOnPC includes a comprehensive set of Accessory applications - such as Calculator, Dictionary, simple Text Editor and file Archive Manager. Users can manage some of the more detailed aspects of their online PC setup and operation from the System menu on the menu bar and from the System Tools submenu on the Applications list.


Place your cursor over the Applications button on the main menu bar and click to open. Move your cursor up the list to Accessories on the top of the menu and hover to draw out the sub menu. Select from any application on the list by moving the cursor over the name and click/tapping to select.

System Tools

The System Tools menu is at the bottom of the main Applications menu. Hover to open the sub menu, providing access to the File Browser, New Login and Terminal utilities.

System Menu

The main System menu on the menu bar provides access to a variety of system level operation and customization utilities, including Preferences and Administration submenus where users setup and customize their online PC appearance and functionality, Help with access to support materials, as well as Lock Screen and Logout functions.