How To Operate AlwaysOnPC - from your iPhone

After start up is complete your Home screen appears. The default mouse control is set to touchpad mode. The mouse follows your finger motion. It must be placed over a menu, form area or icon before it can be selected. Tap once to select, twice to open or start. To operate in iPhone native mode, where the cursor automatically tracks to your finger tap location, so that you can tap anywhere on the screen directly to select or open without having to reposition the cursor first - turn "Invert Mouse" on in the AlwaysOnPC VNC settings (for more information click here).


Following successful sign in, the AlwaysOnPC Home Desktop screen loads. The first time you launch AlwaysOnPC you will see the standard blue background Desktop with a basic set of Application launch icons preconfigured.

More info on Desktop customization.


The Applications menu is opened by moving the cursor over the Applications button on the menu bar. Or move the cursor over any Application icon on your Desktop and double click to start.

More info on Application operation.


File management mostly consists of a couple of easy operations - upload, storing and accessing, and download.

More info on File management.