How To Sign Up - from your iPhone

There are two ways to register for AlwaysOnPC. An authorized account requires purchase of the iPhone AlwaysOnPC connector app. You can sign up and start using AlwaysOnPC right from your phone. You also can create a five day trial account accessible from any typical PC or laptop here. Most users access the system both ways to load and retrieve personal files.

Step One

After purchasing and downloading the AlwaysOnPC connector from the iPhone App Store navigate to the screen where our icon appears and select it. The iPhone Home screen for AlwaysOnPC loads - see screenshot below. Select the Not Registered? button and then click on Register and a Signup screen titled User Information will appear - see below center.

Step Two

Fill in the required fields to register for AlwaysOnPC. These include an email address to be used as your AlwaysOnPC username, and a password with at least 6 characters, as your sign in ID. Enter your password twice along with the anti spam "captcha" string shown on the form. Then check out and accept our Terms and Conditions and hit Go.

Step Three

Following successful registration you will be taken back to the Home screen for AlwaysOnPC on your iPhone. Your email will be entered for you in the Username field. Enter your password and tap Connect. The "vortex" spins as your connection to AlwaysOnPC is established, then your personal PC desktop will appear and your AlwaysOnPC session is live.