AlwaysOnPC VNC Settings

With AlwaysOnPC's VNC client you easily operate your online PC desktop, applications and files. The cursor tracks the direction of your finger swipes on the iPhone surface. It must be placed over a screen area, menu item or icon in order to click to select or double click to open.

Global VNC configuration settings, including cursor operation, are set by tapping the Options button on the upper left corner of the Home screen, launching the Advanced settings window.

For more information on enhanced controls and keyboard shortcuts supported by the AlwaysOnPC iPhone client, click here.

Setting Description
Colors Sets the display colors according to the value of the setting - Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Server Decides(d). Setting varies color quality vs. screen refresh rate and network bandwidth usage. Black and White option.
Refresh Sets the level of screen refresh - Conserve Battery, Fast Refresh, Connection Decides(d). Fast refresh paints the screen quickly and consumes more power.
Rotation Lock Prevents the screen image from auto rotating if the handset is rotated from portrait to landscape mode. Maintains portrait mode display.
Touchscreen Mode Enables touch screen mode - tap directly on screen button, icon, space wherever input desired. Cursor tracks to location of tap. Equivalent to "normal" iPhone screen tap input mode.
Invert Mouse Changes direction of cursor flow to finger swipe. Swiping up in this mode shifts the cursor down, and vice versa. Swiping left shifts the cursor right, and vice versa. Normal mode is cursor shift and swipe track same direction.
Controls Turns control input on and off. When Off, controls are disabled - online PC is in view only mode. The user may zoom and shift the screen for viewing by swiping but no screen tap, Remote or View input controls are recognized.
Show Screen Turns remote PC screen view on or off. Input controls are operational even when screen is off. Screen appears black when Show Screen is set to off.
Cursor Momentum Turn on or off cursor momentum tracking in swipe screen view shifting and scrolling. When on, cursor momentum (speed and directional vector of swipe gesture) is used to calculate end cursor position when swiping. When off, cursor stops immediately where swipe input ends.