How to use the xMarks FireFox Addon Sync Passwords and Bookmarks

Since AlwaysOnPC includes FireFox, there are a wealth of add-ons you can get – most for free! The xMarks Addon does a fantastic job of syncing bookmarks and (optionally) passwords from your desktop computer to your AlwaysOnPC
First what is xMarks? xMarks is a browser addon utility that saves all your bookmarks and (optionally) your passwords in their secure, encrypted service. It supports the most popular browsers, including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari (Mac only), and Chrome (Note the Password sync only works on FireFox). Once you install it on your browser on your main PC, you can then install it on all your other PCs and Poof! All your bookmarks and passwords magically appear on every browser you install it on.
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the xMarks add-on to instantly make all your bookmarks and passwords (for FireFox users) available on AlwaysOnPC on your iPhone:

  1. On your main PC where you have most of your bookmarks, download and install the xMarks addon. If you use FireFox, You can find it at this URL: site

    (Note: If you use another PC browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari go directly to xMarks site at to download the add-on/plug-in. Although you can’t sync passwords with browsers other than FireFox, it’s still useful for bookmarks)
  2. Now, open AlwaysOnPC on your PC (yes, your PC, not your phone or iPad. It’s much more convenient to use our Java client on your nice, big PC monitor for configuration tasks like this). To do this, open your browser, go to and Login. Then click the Connect button. This will start our java applet (click yes/accept to make sure it runs).
  3. Once the AlwaysOnPC viewer is open and running, open FireFox inside your AlwaysOnPC and browse to the same addons page. You should see your desktop, like this:

    xMarks FireFox Addon
  4. Proceed with installation of xMarks. The “Options” menu should open (if not open it in Menu Tools-> xMarks->options) where you can login with your xMarks username and password that you created in step 1 above, and enter your PIN (used to encrypt/decrypt your passwords). Click OK and everything will sync.
  5. Now, the moment of truth, (close AlwaysOnPC on your PC) open AlwaysOnPC from your iPhone or iPod Touch and reap the benefits of super-easy browsing!