Download AlwaysOnPC for iPad:Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition
also available for Phone: 
Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition 








Virtual-PC for iPad screenshot


Full OpenOffice Suite, with Dropbox access (shown here on the iPhone edition of App):

get Libre Office Suite for iPad screenshot

Chrome and Firefox browsers! - full desktop editions (shown here our Android App version)

Chrome Browser on Android Tablet screenshot

Flash & Java :

screenshot of Flash Player for Android Tablet

How it works.... Learn more:




Editing Excel spreadsheets on iPad with all the features of your desktop Office Suite is now possible!

If you were ever wondering how to edit Excel spreadsheets on iPad, now you can! With the AlwaysOnPC App, editing Excel spreadsheets on iPad is available with one simple app download: With full-featured desktop versions of Open Office Suite, Chrome and Firefox browsers, PDF reader, and other programs, the AlwaysOnPC App opens up a whole new world of apps and capabilities – like Excel spreadsheets on iPad – that you can use from your tablet:

edit Excel spreadsheets on iPad screenshot

Introducing AlwaysOnPC App for iPad

In addition to editing Excel spreadsheets on iPad, the AlwaysOnPC App brings full-featured 'desktop edition' software programs to your Tablet. Using the power of cloud computing, AlwaysOnPC gives you your own complete 'virtual computer' pre-loaded with software like Open Office Suite, Chrome and Firefox Browser, Dropbox, PDF Reader, InkScape drawing, Gimp Image edting, and more that you can access and use securely (via encrypted connection) from your iPad. Here's a brief video demonstrating AlwaysOnPC App in action:

Leave your laptop at home

Overcome limitations of iOS and Safari browser which lacks support for a desktop apps like Open Office Suite, as well as technologies like Adobe Flash Player, Java applications, browser Extensions/Plug-ins, Themes/skins. AlwaysOnPC delivers ALL these key capabilities (as well as editing Excel spreadsheets on iPad) today! Here are just a few of the things you get with AlwaysOnPC:

Full Office Suite

AlwaysOnPC includes the full desktop edition of OpenOffice Suite (as well as LibreOffice), with Dropbox access. Open, edit, save Microsoft Office documents with features such as:

OO Writer 
(Word docs)
OO Impress 
OO Calc 
(Excel Spreadsheets)
Format font size, 
shape etc
pivot tables
Spelling, Grammar 
Drawing &
graphics tools 
Sort, Filter, 
Group, Subtotals
Revision tracking
Animations & 
Macros & 
Tables & columns  

Callouts &


2D & 3D Charts


Table design templates 

Split and 
Freeze panes
Macros   and more!!

Export / CONVERT to PDF from .doc .xls .ppt PNG, JPG, TIFF 

Professional-quality Image Editing (GiMP)

AlwaysOnPC includes GIMP Image Editing program with PhotoShop-like features.

Advanced Digital Drawing Program (InkScape)

Use InkScape vector-graphic drawing program - create high-res digital artwork, with Bezier curves, multi-layers, import and export many image formats, (save natively in .SVG), and even import and Adobe Illustrator .AI files, as well as import and edit PDFs!

AlwaysOnPC includes all this and and lots more:

Powerful Standard Features:

  •  Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites
  •  Right-click menu access - works for Chrome menus, as well as website- and Java app -sepecific menus
  •  Mulit-tab and multi-window usage
  •  Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys
  •  Fully secure: all connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device (its securely stored in your virtual browsing account).

Flash Player

Use Firefox or Chrome to browse Flash websites and use Flash based apps, games and video sites such as:
(*** Note - audio/sound is not supported yet - coming soon! ***)



Facebook games like Farmville, CityVille,

Mafia Wars

Kids games like 

Club Penguin

Webkinz, NeoPets

Animal Jam

Bigpoint darkorbit

Card games like

bridgebase and OKBridge

iWork / 

  (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)








Paperless Post

American Greetings

Blue Mountain

Jacqui Lawson

PBS Kids

BBC Bite Size

And tons more...


Java is at the heart of many exciting web-based apps and games, but does not run from iOS natively -- until now! 
AlwaysOnPC lets you run almost any Java application such as:


  • Runescape
  • Etrade Pro
  • Scottrade
  • NetDania Netstation
  • United Unimatic
  • BNSF Emulator
  • PartyPoker
  • Gametable-online
  • Pogo
  • Aleks
  • Kaplan
  • ...and many more

(*** Note - audio/sound is not supported yet - coming soon! ***)

Install Chrome and Firefox Extensions/Add-ons (plus Plug-ins, Themes & Skins!)

With AlwaysOnPC, you can take advantage of all the customization and integrated features offered in Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Firefox Add-ons including:


  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • PDF Reader (with forms
  • Awesome Screenshot Plus
  • Themes/Skins from Stylish 
  • Amazon Wishlist
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Yoono toolbar
  • Lastpass
  • Xmarks
  • Adblock / Adblock Plus
  • Springpad SpringIt
  • Web Clipper
  • Firebug

Sync with Firefox or Chrome

Browse more, type less: Chrome users login to Chrome (or Firefox users login with your Mozilla ID) and Sync bookmarks, history tabs, and more with your home or work PC

School and Business-ready

Virtual-Browser for Firefox and is a great way to instantly and securely mobilze your corporate / Enterprise Java, and web/cloud-based apps - especially on employee-owned iPad (BYO-device). VirtualBrowser for Firefox provides secure browsing environment, where no data or info is cached on the device, and is immune to transmitting viruses or malware of any kind to the client device. Learn more...
Don't have an iPad? You can still edit docs and files from Microsoft Office on iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire with these apps:
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