Important configuration Options for using AlwaysOnPC

In order to get the most out of AlwaysOnPC please note the following.

  1. User Interface
    • iPhone Multi-touch: In Options menu set Touchscreen Mode On.
      • Cursor operates like iPhone UI - tap to move cursor/select.
    • AlwaysOnPC Multi-touch: In Options menu set Touchscreen Mode Off.
      • Cursor operates like touchpad mouse on computer - one finger swipe screen to move cursor over target; double tap to select.
      • NOTE: the default is Touchscreen Mode Off so the cursor operates like a touchpad on your PC. Set Touchscreen Mode On if you want standard iPhone operation.

  2. Performance
    • In Options select Colors - set lower for max performance, higher for rich colors.
    • In Options select Refresh Rate - set to Fast for max performance.

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Quick Start Guide

Here is what you need to know to quickly set up, connect and start using AlwaysOnPC.