How To Connect to AlwaysOnPC - from your iPhone/iPod touch

After purchasing and downloading the AlwaysOnPC VNC app from the iPhone App Store, navigate to the screen where our icon appears and tap to select it.

Step One

The iPhone Home screen for AlwaysOnPC loads - see screenshot below. If this is your first time signing in to AlwaysOnPC from your iPhone, fill in the required Username and Password fields. If you are signing in from your PC click here for PC client access and operation instructions.

Step Two

If you would like AlwaysOnPC to remember your username and password for automatic sign in, turn Save Password on. Then tap Connect from either the main button in the center of the screen or the smaller button in the upper right corner. The vortex will appear and spin as your ID is verified, secure connection set up, and your online PC loaded.

Step Three

Once your connection to AlwaysOnPC is established, your personal PC desktop will appear and your AlwaysOnPC session is active. For step by step instructions and insider tips on setting up and operating AlwaysOnPC click here.